Zkteco uFace800 Plus

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Display:                                   4.3-Inch Touch Screen
Face capacity:                         3,000
Fingerprint capacity:            4,000
Card capacity:                        10,000 (Optional)
Logs capacity:                        100,000

Brand: ZKTeco
Model: uFace800
Price: 20,000
Warranty: One Year
Status: In Stock
Contact No: 01999-088831, 01999-088832


Time Attendance Deviece Zkteco uFace800 Plus

Display: 4.3-inch Touch Screen
Face Capacity: 3,000
Palm Capacity: 3,000
Unique mark Capacity: 4,000
Card Capacity: 10,000 (discretionary)
Log Capacity: 100,000
Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi (discretionary), 3G (discretionary)
Standard Functions: Web-worker, Work Code, SMS, DST, Record Query, Automatic State Switch, Photo ID, ADMS, Scheduled Bell.                 Interfaces of Access Control: 3rd-Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Wiegand Signal: Wiegand Out
Discretionary Functions: ID/MF/HID Card, WiFi, 3G, External Bell/Printer, Backup Battery, 485 Reader
Calculations: ZKFace V12.0 and ZKFinger V10.0 and ZKPalm V12.0
Force Supply: DC 12V/3A
Working Temperature: 0°C – 45°C/32°F – 113°F
Working Humidity: 20% – 80%
Measurements: (L*H*D)193.54 * 165.14 * 111.48 (mm)/7.620 * 6.502 * 4.389 (in)

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