Ahuja SCM-15T Speakers PA Column speakers

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• For Indoor & Outdoor.
• Input Power: 10W RMS, 15W Max.
• Power Taps: 10W, 10/7.5/5W.
• Impedance/Voltage: 8Ω, 100V.
• Frequency Response: 150-10,000Hz.
• Dimensions: W165 × H455 × D145 mm.
• Weight: 3.5kg

Brand: AHUJA
Model: SCM-15T
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Warranty: One Year
Status: In Stock
Contact No: 01999-088831, 01999-088832


Ahuja SCM-15T PA Column speakers are 10W RMS, 15W Max speakers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They have a frequency response of 150-10,000Hz and are available in both 8Ω and 100V versions.

Ahuja SCM-15T Specification

Column speakers are a type of speaker that uses a vertical array of drivers to project sound over a wide horizontal area. This makes them ideal for use in large spaces such as halls, auditoria, and airport lounges.

Brand  Ahuja
Info Power 10W RMS, 15W Max.
Force Taps 10W, 10/7.5/5W
Impedance/Voltage 8ω, 100V
Recurrence Response 150-10,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz 92dB/1W/1m
Speakers × 152.4 mm (6″) × 101.6 mm (4″)
Measurements W165 × H455 × D145 mm
Weight 2.83kg.

Ahuja SCM-15T PA Column speakers are weather resistant and have a metal cabinet in a silver-ash paint finish. They come with mounting clamps and hardware supplied.

The features of the SCM-15T PA Column speakers

  • 10W RMS, 15W Max power handling
  • 8Ω and 100V versions available
  • Frequency response of 150-10,000Hz
  • Column design for wide horizontal sound dispersion
  • Weather resistant metal cabinet
  • Mounting clamps and hardware supplied

The SCM-15T PA Column speakers are a versatile and affordable option for a variety of sound reinforcement applications. They are particularly well-suited for use in large spaces where wide horizontal sound coverage is required.

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